May 2004

Below are some highlights from the NACAC 2003-04 State of College Admission Report.

  • The number of high school graduates is expected to increase until at least 2010. The selective colleges are not increasing their class sizes.
  • In each of the past four years, over 70% of colleges reported receiving more applications than the previous year. (Over 60% of colleges reported receiving more applications in 1997 and 1998.)
  • The overall selectivity rate (# of offers)/(# of students) for US colleges and universities was 69.9% in 2003.
  • 82% of highly selective schools and 67% of the least selective schools reported increases in their application volumes.
  • 74% of applicants submitted 4 or more applications this past year.
  • 85% of high school seniors applied to at least one college.
  • 76% of colleges and 83% of highly selective colleges experienced an increase in the number of campus visits from prospective students. (17% reported the number of campus visits held steady and only 7% reported a decline.)
  • The number of international applicants is beginning to rise again. Applicants from countries such as Korea and India increased enough to outweigh the decrease in applicants from the Middle East.