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So you took the ACT! Now what?

Early applicants to colleges and universities can receive one of three different decisions: accepted, denied, or deferred to the regular pool. Everyone knows it's good to be accepted and disappointing to be denied. But what does a deferral mean? And how should you handle it?

How to make sense of Early Admissions and Early Decisions?

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June 2004


Beginning this fall, Cornell will be exclusively accepting the Common Application for all freshmen applicants. There will no longer be a Cornell specific freshmen application although there will still be one for transfer applicants.

Cornell now becomes the fifth Ivy League institution to accept the Common Application. (The other four are Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Dartmouth.)

Over 250 colleges and universities now accept the college common application. Most of these 250 institutions require supplemental forms that allow them to collect school-specific information. Cornell will also require supplemental forms this fall for its freshmen applicants.


This represents a near 180 degree turn as Cornell has now decided to do away entirely with their Cornell specific freshmen application beginning this fall. We do not expect, however, that the selective schools will give up their supplemental, school-specific applications any time soon.