Can you describe the study abroad opportunities at Vanderbilt?

Vanderbilt has approximately 60 programs in 20 countries on six continents. About 25% of students participate with that number expected to increase in the coming years. Students can study abroad for terms as short as a month or as long as a year. We also offer a number of volunteer and community service experiences abroad.

What are some of the distinctive facilities available to Vanderbilt students?

Our campus is unique unto itself. Unlike many institutions, Vanderbilt has assembled every possible element for an undergraduate experience on a very compact campus right in the heart of Nashville. We have everything from a free electron microscope to an sonically remarkable performance hall.

The most impressive addition to Vanderbilt is The Commons, a brand new living and learning experience opening in the Fall of 2008. The Commons is a campus designed specifically for new students including ten houses, a beautiful new student center complete with meeting space, presentation rooms, a new dining facility, and plenty of room to simply hang out. All of these facilities have been LEED Certified making us the first campus in Tennessee to have environmentally sustainable and energy efficient buildings.

Finally, we’re right in the center of Nashville, Tennessee-a lively and growing metropolitan area with more than 1 million residents. Vanderbilt is located only minutes from professional sports arenas, fashionable boutiques, excellent restaurants, an art museum, a new symphony hall, and plenty of other dining and shopping opportunities.

What percentage of students live on campus? Is housing guaranteed for all 4 years or just for the freshmen year?

The Board of Trust requires that all undergraduate students live on campus for all four years. Until 2008 and the opening of The Commons, we simply have not had space and have granted permission to live off campus for upperclassman based on seniority. In the coming years, this will not be the case. Although we predict that close to 100% of undergraduates will live on campus, there are typically some exceptions to the rule.

Still, we believe that the community begins right here on campus. Many events and activities take place right here, and we strongly believe that our community is so strong because of the on campus living environment. Vanderbilt has excellent residence life programming and very nice residence halls. Our students are proud of and thankful for their housing arrangements at Vanderbilt.

When is the best time of year for prospective students to visit Vanderbilt? What do you recommend students should do to make the most of a campus visit?

Whenever the time works best for the student. We offer visits throughout the year Monday through Saturday. Additionally, we have several comprehensive visit programs including PreVU and Black and Gold Days. All visits can be scheduled online. I often recommend students visit during the school year while Vanderbilt is in session, but we know that vacation times can be most convenient.

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