What general advice would you give to students considering applying to Vanderbilt?

First of all, relax and enjoy the journey. The college search process is not about finding the best school. It’s about find the best school for you. Learn as much as you can, talk to your friends, parents, guidance counselors and teachers. There is a seat waiting for you in an excellent college somewhere, so don’t get too far ahead of yourself.

We always recommend that students take the most challenging courses available in his or her high school environment. If there are honors, AP or IB courses offered, we like to see that students have taken full advantage of their academic opportunities. Next, we highly recommend students getting involved in their high school or community at large. Vanderbilt values students who show a sense of balance in their lives. Therefore, extra curricular activities are valued in our process.

Is financial aid or scholarships available for students who need it? How should students apply for aid?

Vanderbilt is deeply committed to college access and affordability. We know that the student experience is enhanced by having all types of individuals on campus. Consequently, we work tremendously hard to make a Vanderbilt education affordable for all families.

Those commitments are spelled out in two distinctive promises. First, we meet 100% of all financial need for domestic citizens. This essentially means that Vanderbilt will fund the entire difference between what a family can afford and what Vanderbilt costs.

We are also committed to Need Blind admissions. This means that we never take a families financial situation into account during the admissions process. Students are admitted based on the quality of their application for admissions.

In order to obtain financial assistance we require both the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the College Board’s Profile (CSS). Our average financial aid package is approximately $30,000.

Vanderbilt has some merit scholarships available to students. It requires a separate application with an additional essay. Keep in mind that scholarships are highly competitive. To find out more about the scholarships offered, visit the school’s scholarships page.

Is there anything else you want to be sure prospective applicants know about Vanderbilt?

Nashville is a great place to be. We’d love to have you come and visit us sometime soon.

All of our information is listed online at the admissions portion of the school’s website. We are also happy to assist with any additional questions. Feel free to contact us at 1-800-288-0432.

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